REDDOXX SimplexGate

Cloud VPN made in Germany

It has never been this easy to access in-house applications from anywhere in the world – regardless of whether you want to permit access to emails, the CRM, the accounting system or your merchandise management system. Thanks to access privileges and 2-factor-authentication this is easy and also secure!

You will not need comprehensive IT security knowledge or a special infrastructure to benefit from this option. All it takes to complete the set-up is 5 minutes of your time and your employees will have secure access to the applications.

Access Management

Cloud VPN at a glance

  • easy and secure access to internal applications and resources
  • Setup and access within 5 minutes
  • Additional security through 2-factor-authentication
  • Immediate and automated VPN and SSL/TLS encryption
  • Always have the latest certificates including automatic renews
  • All applications and links in one place on the simplexgate desktop

Secure your business data without complicated changes to your firewall.
With the REDDOXX SimplexGate Cloud VPN you gain easy, secure and comfortable access to your internal applications.

Gain access to local resources

Without REDDOXX SimplexGate

Up until now, in order for employees to access applications from outside the local corporate network, the system administrator had to make certain resource and time consuming configurations of the business’s network and firewall.

This traditional approach includes complex port forwarding on your firewall, the configuration of the DNS entry and the ensuing requesting and installation of SSL/TLS certificates, which might take up to several hours.

After the installation of the certificates, the authentication must be configured. For particularly sensible data a 2-factor authentication is advisable.

A fact that is often forgotten: The SSL/TLS certificates must be renewed on a regular basis which leads to additional expenses.

With REDDOXX SimplexGate

With REDDOXX SimplexGate the process is much easier.

You simply register in the My REDDOXX portal and install the REDDOXX SimplexGate gateway which automatically creates a VPN connection between your local corporate network and the REDDOXX cloud.

Within 5 minutes you will have completed the whole installation process without the necessity of profound information security knowledge. New web services can easily be added within only 60 seconds.

Thanks to the SimplexGate desktop you have all your important applications and custom bookmarks in one place and only need to remember one URL to access everything. Your business’s internal access paths remain concealed.

With SimplexGate you always have the latest certificates and with 2-factor-authentication via our free smartphone app you can add an additional security layer to increase the protection of your business data.


The advantages of REDDOXX SimplexGate

  • ready to use within 5 minutes
  • easy and secure access to internal applications and resources
  • the SimplexGate desktop functions as a central hub to easily, quickly and efficiently access all your important applications and custom bookmarks
  • no need for comprehensive IT security knowledge
  • reduce the workload of your IT administration: no elaborate configuration on your firewall needed
  • no time-consuming requesting and installation of SSL/TLS certificates: automatically retain up-to-date certificates at all times
  • immediate and automated VPN and SSL/TLS encryption
  • access paths of internal applications stay hidden and protected
  • additional security layer through optional 2-factor-authentication

profiles & use cases

With REDDOXX SimplexGate you can grant access to every web-based application from outside your network.

If you wish to access applications from outside your local corporate network, you can use Standard Web Service. Furthermore, we offer pre-built profiles for special applications. These profiles offer advanced settings options.

Standard Web Service

The standard web service allows easy access to every web-based application of your business. The configuration is as easy as can be: You simply need to know the internal URL or IP address of the application, everything else is done by the web service for you.

REDDOXX Appliance

Of course, we provide you with a pre-defined profile for our REDDOXX appliance. In the advanced settings section, access to the administration interface can be restricted while employees can still access archived emails and spam-quarantine.

Active Sync

One of the most frequently accessed applications, is email or Active Sync respectively, meaning the synchronisation of emails, calendars, contacts and notes on your smartphone. Active Sync can now be accessed externally with only a few clicks.

Microsoft Outlook

With REDDOXX SimplexGate you can connect your Microsoft Outlook with the exchange server with only a few clicks and thereby receive access to your emails on the go without having to establish a VPN connection to a local network with separate software.

Microsoft Exchange

With the Microsoft Exchange profile you have the option to make special services externally accessible without having to make everything uncontrollably accessible. Besides Exchange Autodiscover you can allow OWA, ECP, Outlook Anywhere and MAPI over HTP with only a few clicks.

pinRemote HTML5 Gateway

pinRemote provides access to (virtual) desktops and applications usable in an RDP session through the browser. Thanks to the integration of REDDOXX SimplexGate, this access now takes place via an automatic VPN connection.

Additional Profiles

Besides the afore-mentioned profiles we will be providing more profiles in the future. Keep in mind: If there is no specific profile available for your application you can always grant access to the application via Standard Web Service.

SimplexGate Desktop

All applications at a glance

From an employee’s perspective, the desktop is at the heart of REDDOXX SimplexGate as it shows all available applications and links. It is not necessary to remember a variety of different URLs because each application is only one click away.

In order to have all important links and shortcuts in one place, it is possible for an employee to add custom bookmarks to the desktop.

REDDOXX SimplexGate Desktop - all applications at a glance

Additional Security through 2-Factor-Authentication

2-factor-authentication (2FA) provides an additional layer of security for particularly sensible data.

Cloud VPN including 2FA - 2 factor authentication

If you would like to grant access to your accounting system, for instance, then 2FA provides additional protection. Thus, in order to access your internal accounting system, the employee needs to enter an additional unique password-token besides the common username and password.

This token is generated by the free REDDOXX app and is only valid for 30 seconds. Beforehand, the app gets linked to the employee’s account so that only the specific employee receives access.

Thus, your login is protected against access by third parties. Even if someone gets hold of your password, that someone will be unable to login as long as he is not also in possession of your smartphone.

Prices for cloud VPN

SimplexGate consists of different components that can be assembled according to your wishes

The gateway establishes an encrypted VPN connection between your local corporate network and the REDDOXX cloud. You need one gateway for every location of an enterprise that should be connected.

Web Service
A web service constitutes the application to which a connection shall be made. If, for instance, you want to establish a secure connection to your email system and your ERP system, you will need to have two web services.

2-Factor Authentication
It is possible to add an additional layer of security to applications with particularly sensible information. If you want to grant access to your internal accounting system, 2-factor authentication (2FA) provides additional security.

The amount of users is made up of all the employees that are supposed to have access to internal resources through SimplexGate. It is possible for one user to have access to multiple web services.

  • Your personal SimplexGate

    Cloud VPN made in Germany
  • Allows 5 users to access a web service in your network.
  • If the number of users from the starter package is not sufficient, you can add more users.
  • You need a Web service for each application that is to be accessed externally.
    Price: 6,00 €
  • To access the application, you must first enter a numerical code that changes every 30 seconds
    Price: 12,00 €
  • 0,00 €
    Price net plus VAT.
    Action: With annual payment you save 2 months!

Your personal SimplexGate

Let’s go – Experience how easy security can be!

The cloud VPN by REDDOXX enables you to access internal applications from outside your local corporate network while on the go, at home or on a business trip. With REDDOXX SimplexGate the process of accessing internal applications becomes secure and easy as probably never before.

  • access within 5 minutes
  • immediate and automated VPN and SSL/TLS encryption
  • no comprehensive IT security knowledge required
  • 2-factor-authentication through smartphone and free app
  • always have the latest certificates
REDDOXX - Made in Germany