The software solution for legally-secure email archiving

With REDDOXX MailDepot users just have to click on the mouse twice to access any email. The powerful, full text indexed system searches your email archive in seconds along with all text oriented attachments (e.g. Word or PDF).

The time consuming sorting and organizing of the emails in the mailbox is now redundant. All emails are stored automatically and permanently in an archive that is autonomous from the mail servicer. The MailDepot is obviously in compliance with all statutory requirements, which have been in effect and binding for many years.

All functions at a glance

  • GDPR & GoBD compliant: Legally secure and revision proof archiving of all emails
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Long-term, sustainable archiving
  • Definitive allocation and identification of emails that have to be retained as a matter of law
  • Connection to existing document management systems possible
  • Immediately and sustainable relieves your IT infrastructure
  • User friendly operation thanks to integration into Microsoft® Outlook / web browser access and smartphone (iOS / Android)
  • Retroactive archiving of existing archives possible
  • External storage of archived data possible
  • Compliance- & statute compliant solution
  • Double check (four-eye principle) audits possible
  • Compliance product

Access privileges

  • Automatic replication from the active directory (MS Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013/2016)
  • User has the option to award stand-in privileges
  • Rule based assignment of stand-in rights with group functions (e.g. to give the entire department access)
  • Automatic generation of special archives with group or user specific access privileges
  • Audit function based on the double-checking (four-eye) principle

Compliance functions

  • Auditor access with access log that can be analyzed
  • Four-eye principle auditor access safeguards
  • Content-dependent audit for audit-oriented access
  • Offline audit (without the appliance), suitable for third party audits
  • Revision proof logging (compliance log)
  • Data privacy compliant handling of sensible data can be set up (compliance framework)
  • Manipulation proof archiving periods can be set up
  • Binding documentation of receipt and send times
  • Revision proof and encrypted archiving
  • Rule based archive exemptions (sender, recipients, subject, size)

Search functions

  • Full text search in emails and all annex copy
  • Combined search
  • Quick selection of search fields and field combinations
  • Depiction of content is identical with the original (HTML/RTF/Text)
  • Direct further processing in MS Outlook® (add-in required)
  • Stand-in functions
  • Search result with depiction of the email progression
  • Identification of inbound and outbound emails in the search result
  • Depiction of content is identical with the original (HTML/RTF/Text)
  • Multiple operations in the search result via context menu, e.g. delivery, forward/open
  • Email history with binding time stamps

Data lifecycle management functions

  • Hierarchical archive storage management
  • Separate archiving of large emails in alternative storage systems
  • Sealing of archive containers (read only)
  • Content dependent relocation & copying of archived emails
  • Content dependent handover of archived emails incl meta data to DMS/CRM, etc.
  • Continuous back-up (data mirroring)

Archive storage

  • Self-supporting archive, search index and access rights are located in the archive container
  • No size limits
  • Full text index of the all email content plus all annexes with text content deduplication / single instancing; each email is stored only once per archive
  • Real time compression during storage (ZIP algorithm)
  • Encrypted data storage
  • Additional signing when email is saved (revision proof)
  • Addition encryption (AES) possible with an individual password
  • Offline use of archives search, read and export possible without the appliance
  • Archiving of all meta data and time stamps
  • Random choice of chunk sizes (maximum size of data files for splitting to start)
  • Multiple archives
  • Hierarchical storage management
  • Individual retention times can be set up for each archive

Retroactive archiving

  • MS Outlook® 2003 and newer (add-in required)
  • MS-Exchange ® 2003 to2016
  • Lotus Notes (V 8.5 or higher)
  • Office 365
  • IMAP / POP3
  • MS Outlook Archive (.PST files)
  • Novell GroupWise Version 8.4 and newer
  • Tobit David V 8.0 or higher


  • Integrated virus protection for all inbound and outbound emails
  • Virus filtering of Office documents with macros is possible
  • Encryption of outbound emails via password

High availability features

  • Hot-standby cluster (optional module)
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Health control
  • Alert-Notification
  • Self healing (Watchdog)
  • Automatic monitoring of storage availability and speed
  • Automatic interim storage of archive data in the event of storage loss

User interface

  • Outlook integration (add-In)
  • Web interface
  • Windows program
  • iPhone / iPad App
  • Android Phone / Tablet App

User management & directory services

  • Local database
  • Active directory
  • Open LDAP
  • Lotus Notes
  • Novell NetWare (E-Directory)
  • Automatic synchronization of email accounts from directory services

Supported mail servers

  • MS-Exchange ® 2003 through 2016
  • Lotus Notes (V 8.5 or higher)
  • OX – Open Xchange
  • Postfix
  • Office 365
  • Hosted Exchange ®
  • Tobit David V 8.0 or higher
  • Kerio
  • Kolab
  • Novell GroupWise 8.4 and newer
  • Support many other mail servers


  • iSCSI native
  • NFS / CIFS
  • Logical V-Disk (only Virtual Appliance)
  • Multiple Storage
  • Hierarchical storage management
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Stay autonomous from the email server type used

The email archiving solution works independently from the type of mail server, supports any type of storage and can therefore be easily integrated into any existing infrastructure. Thanks for full text indexing, any archived email can be immediately found again and restored with just a click on the mouse.

With the email archiving of REDDOXX you receive a long-term archiving with future security thanks to the use of common market standards. The same applies to the support of the mail server. Thanks to its flexible connection, REDDOXX supports almost all mail servers available on the market. This creates investment security and offers you the opportunity at any time to migrate your mail server without having to change the archive system.

If you are currently planning a mail server migration and do not yet have any email archiving in use, the REDDOXX MailDepot can help you. First, install the MailDepot, import the existing emails and start with a clean new mail server. For example, our customers, Ansmann AG (german case study) and Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung a.G. (german case study) succeeded.

Alexander Bauer

To this day legally secure archiving of email communications is still an unresolved challenge in many companies

Discover REDDOXX

With REDDOXX MailDepot you will have at your disposal proven solution for your email archiving and management needs that does not only provide legal certainty, but also offers numerous other added valuable features.

Your email infrastructure will enjoy massive relief and all of your email handling tasks will be significantly simplified. Once implemented, REDDOXX MailDepot archives all inbound and outbound emails fully automatically.

Allocate emails that have to be retained as a matter of law

One of the unique features of the REDDOXX solution for email archiving and management is that it clearly allocates and identifies emails that have to be retained as a matter of law. It can also be connected to existing DMS (document management systems) and allows the retroactive archiving of existing mailboxes.

It is also important for the observance of compliance and data retention policies that auditing by way of the double-checking (four-eye) principle is possible.


webbased administration

Other benefits

Other key benefits and highlights are the user-friendly operation thanks to the integration into Microsoft® Outlook, as well as the optional access via web browser or smartphone APPs (iOS / Android). The multiple storage support tool is key for system administrators and staff in charge of the IT infrastructure. The same is true for the option of saving archived data in external storage solutions.


This is how the email archiving of REDDOXX works

Pricing examples

available for any company size and number of users

Boasting thousands of successful implementations, this is the complete solution for businesses that want it all.
For 5 ‑ 50,000 email accounts – if you want an absolutely secure solution!

Flexibly combine your desired solutions such as MailDepot, MailSealer and Spamfinder and only buy what you really need.

Number of UsersEmail Archiving
(incl. 12 months subscription)
Email Archiving
(incl. 36 months subscription)
Email Archiving and Anti-Spam
(incl. 36 months subscription)
Annual renewal of subscription after expiration
(12 months)
10starts from 1.330,00€ *starts from 1.770,00€ *starts from 1.870,00€ *340,00€
25starts from 1.530,00€ *starts from 1.970,00€ *starts from 2.120,00€ *340,00€
50starts from 1.930,00€ *starts from 2.370,00€ *starts from 2.570,00€ *340,00€
100starts from 3.590,00€ *starts from 4.580,00€ *starts from 4.960,00€ *700,00€
250starts from 5.340,00€ *starts from 6.680,00€ *starts from 7.200,00€ *700,00€
500starts from 7.590,00€ *starts from 9.580,00€ *starts from 10.360,00€ *1.400,00€
750starts from 9.790,00€ *starts from 2.480,00€ *starts from 13.600,00€ *2.450,00€
100015.940,00€ *19.380,00€ *20.280,00€ *2.450,00€
150021.840,00€ *27.080,00€ *28.900,00€ *3.350,00€
250026.640,00€ *33.190,00€ *35.830,00€ *3.950,00€
500036.960,00€ *49.690,00€ *53.430,00€ *5.900,00€
750055.290,00€ *69.290,00€ *74.230,00€ *7.900,00€
15000110.870,00€ *136.070,00€ *144.962,00€ *14.220,00€
*one-time fee

Note: These prices are just examples.

Compile your personal quotation customized for the size of your company now on the My REDDOXX customer portal or simply call our sales team for a consultation.


Three-in-one simplicity – the REDDOXX Email Suite

Archiving, spamprotection and encryption working together in a single solution

Boasting thousands of successful implementations, this is the tried & tested complete solution for businesses that want it all.
For 5 ‑ 50,000 email accounts – if you want an absolutely secure solution!

  • Optimized backup and recovery
  • Retroactive email archiving
  • Improved email management and more centralized corporate knowledge