The REDDOXX Product Family at a Glance

More than 3,000 installations speak for themselves

Boasting thousands of successful implementations, the GDPR-compliant e-mail archiving solution REDDOXX MailDepot is easy to combine with the modules of MailSealer and Spamfinder and, without any add-on costs, also with powerful encryption, anti-spam and anti-virus solutions.

E-mail archiving

with REDDOXX MailDepot

  • E-mail archiving in compliance with applicable law (e.g. GDPR & GoBD)
  • Revision proof storage of all e-mails
  • Simplest possible usability
  • Proven long-term archiving
  • Compliance product
  • Integrated virus protection
E-Mail Archivierung

E-mail archiving

Do you occasionally lose important e-mails? E-mails have become the number one mode of communications in business. Hence, this medium has to be organized. It begins with the proper filing and management of e-mails and ends with the ability to quickly find the e-mails you have sent or received in the past. Every user can read the filtered e-mails and deliver them directly if an error is recognized. Virus containing e-mails are filtered out before they reach users – thanks to the REDDOXX virus protection. With REDDOXX MailDepot users just have to click on the mouse twice to access any e-mail.

The powerful, full text indexed system searches your e-mail archive in seconds along with all text oriented attachments (e.g. Word or PDF). The time consuming sorting and organizing of the e-mails in the mailbox is now redundant. All e-mails are stored automatically and permanently in an archive that is autonomous from the mail servicer. The MailDepot is obviously in compliance with all statutory requirements, which have been in effect and binding for many years.


with REDDOXX Spamfinder

  • Integrated virus protection
  • Integration into Microsoft® Outlook
  • Web browser & smartphone access
  • Compatible with all e-mail servers
  • 100% spam free thanks to patented CISS process
REDDOXX Spamfinder - Spam und Virenschutz

Spam and Virus Protection

The REDDOXX Spamfinder is based on various defense methods, such as black and white listing, advanced RBL, automatic checks of sender and recipient addresses, syntaxed spam recognition and many others. The mere combination of these conventional and proven filter methods ensures an extremely high anti-spam factor of approximately 98 percent. Every user can read the filtered e-mails and deliver them directly if an error is recognized. Virus containing e-mails are filtered out before they reach users – thanks to the REDDOXX virus protection.

Newsletter filter

To guarantee effective protection against all spam e-mails, which also includes some newsletters REDDOXX has developed its CISS (Confirmation Interactive Site Server) technology – a patented solution. This solution is based on the principle that unknown senders, to whom e-mails have not been sent in the past, have to qualify before their messages are actually delivered: The sender is sent an automated e-mail that contains a verification link. Once successfully verified, the e-mail is delivered to the recipient.


with REDDOXX MailSealer

  • Signature & e-mail encryption gateway
  • GDPR compliance
  • REDDOXX-Passphrase (MailSealer Light)
  • Central policy, can be flexibly defined
  • Integrated virus protection
  • Supports established encryption standards
E-Mail Encryption

E-mail encryption & signature

REDDOXX MailSealer is the security solution for your e-mail correspondence. Outbound e-mails are signed and encrypted; inbound e-mails are verified and decoded. MailSealer supports the internationally established encryption standard S/MIME and is therefore compatible with other solutions used by your communication partners. The encryption and signing processes are rule based and therefore central as well as automated – regardless of the user.

Ad-hoc e-Mail encryption

E-mails content is legible. The problem is obvious: Third parties may read or manipulate sensitive content. REDDOXX’s Mailsealer Light offers simple, but highly effective e-mail encryption for outbound e-mails with password protection. Users can define their own rules, so that even permanent and automatic encryption is possible.

Access Management

with REDDOXX SimplexGate

  • easy and secure access to internal applications and resources
  • setup and access within 5 minutes
  • additional security through 2-factor-authentication
  • immediate and automated VPN and SSL/TLS encryption
  • always have the latest certificates
  • all applications and links in one place on the My REDDOXX desktop

Easy and secure: ready for use within minutes

With REDDOXX SimplexGate there is no need for comprehensive information security knowledge. Within 5 minutes the initial setup is completed. SimplexGate reduces the workload of your IT administration as no elaborate configuration on your firewall is needed. The time-consuming requesting and installation of SSL/TLS certificates is now a thing of the past. With SimplexGate you automatically retain up-to-date certificates at all times. An additional security layer can be added through optional 2-factor-authentication. Of course, access paths of intranet applications remain concealed and protected during use.

All applications at a glance: easy to use for all employees

From an employee’s perspective, the desktop is at the heart of REDDOXX SimplexGate as it shows all available applications and links. It is not necessary to remember a variety of different URLs because each application is only one click away.

In order to have all important links and shortcuts in one place, it is possible for an employee to add custom bookmarks to the desktop.


Combines e-mail-archiving
with anti-spam und encryption

  • Meets all legal mandates
  • GDPR compliance
  • Relieves mail server, storage and network
  • Improved e-mail management
  • Optimized backup and recovery
  • Retroactive e-mail archiving

Trust in REDDOXX

security settings can be managed through a central control system.
REDDOXX solutions are integrally designed and meet the latest medium e-mail business demands. Today’s entrepreneurs want mailboxes that are 100% spam free, fast access to sent or received e-mails. They also want to be certain that business critical information is not exposed to any security risks while being sent.

Murat Lök

Unique Product Characteristics

Three in one simplicity: Archiving, anti-spam and encryption in a single solution

When choosing an e-mail management system, do not rely entirely on marketing claims – find out what the actual distinctions between the solutions are. With our 3-in-1 E-mail Protector solution, our compliance framework and our archiving technology, we can offer you three very critical added values.

Many providers on the market claim that they offer the best or most cost effective e-mail archiving solution. Others use these tools to promote their encryption software options or their anti-spam tools. The credibility of these marketing claims notwithstanding – the parallel operation of different systems usually goes hand in hand with lots of expenditures. In the end, it is anything but budget priced.

REDDOXX, on the other hand, will provide you with:
A single system – one administrator surface – one user view – all for one price

Three in one simplicity: Archiving, anti-spam and encryption – all in a single tool

So choose “three in one simplicity” instead: In its REDDOXX Suite, REDDOXX combines the functions archiving, anti-spam and encryption in a single, optimally coordinated package. You will use – in a needs accommodating and flexible manner – the tools you actually need for your e-mail management processes – all from a single source and without any add-on costs.

Not only will the compatibility of all systems facilitate your operation, it also will protect your investment in the long run!

Most manufacturers will tell you that all e-mail is the same and they will randomly archive your e-mails for 10 years or some other predetermined period.

The fact is: Not all e-mail is the same! For instance, specific legislation mandates that data privacy relevant e-mails have to be deleted after a short period of time. Or, let’s just think about what’s going on right now with ransom ware, such as Locky: Why would you (or should you) retain a virus in your e-mail archive for 10 years?

Furthermore, there are numerous questions that need to be addressed. Just a few examples:

  • Which department has access to which e-mails?
  • How should personal e-mails or messages of works council members be handled?
  • How should you proceed with e-mails sent by the data privacy officers?
  • How should personal data be handled?

You will also have numerous questions and standards for which you will want to find answers.

The REDDOXX Compliance Framework allows you to categorize and characterize archived e-mails fully automatically as well as individually. You can also store workflows that allocate a specific archiving period to e-mails in a specific category.

Furthermore, project categories make it very easy to enable interdisciplinary user work processes, for instance to give staff in support or sales access to e-mails that are important for these employees – even if the original administrator is not on location.

A Perfect Team: Archiving and Encryption

Another key advantage is the direct  interaction between archiving and encryption thanks to the REDDOXX MailSealer tool. Archiving plays a central role in every e-mail infrastructure. REDDOXX E-Mail-Protector makes it possible to fully automatically archive all e-mails, regardless of whether they are encrypted or not, and to easily recover them later. This ensures compliance with the legal mandates, since all versions of an e-mail message are archived in their original, unedited versions.

Another important benefit: As as “Tested Archiving Solution” bearing the TÜV seal of approval from 2010 to 2018, the REDDOXX MailDepot e-mail archiving system has been tested by an autonomous authority at regular intervals. (As of 2018, the TÜV does not provide this kind of certification anymore. Of course, REDDOXX still fulfills all legal requirements.)

Simply “saving” e-mails is an obsolete way of handling e-mail management. The REDDOXX archiving concept pursues three key objectives:

Technical solutions such as single-instance-archiving reduce the required archiving space to an absolute minimum and prevents wasteful double data storage.

The fact that the solution supports multiple storage and hierarchical storage management (HSM), allows for the convenient integration of lower cost storage media for data that is rarely needed but should be kept accessible at all times.

Last, but not least, the REDDOXX container architecture and its self supporting archives ensure that if necessary, the data can also be used completely independent of a REDDOXX appliance. Besides the actual e-mails, the archives also contain all meta data and the full text index. As a result, users can rest assured that even after many years, they will be able to use the data without any problems, even if major changes have been made to the remaining infrastructure in the interim.

Administration – Webinterface

REDDOXX Cloud Infrastructure

Reap the benefits of REDDOXX – now also on the Cloud!

These days, many companies and organizations rely on Cloud Computing. The use of solutions as services offers numerous advantages: It relieves the organization’s own infrastructure, offers maximum flexibility and transparent cost models. REDDOXX offers REDDOXX Cloud – a package of optimum solutions that will enable you to use the functions of legally secure e-mail archiving and/or anti-spam in the form of Cloud services.

Enough said. Go ahead and test REDDOXX first hand!

Spend just a few minutes to experience the look & feel of the user interface and test the choice of functions. As soon as you have completed the brief registration process, you will receive your access data and will be able to use the system right away.