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REDDOXX Appliance

REDDOXX Appliance

More than 3,500 customers already use the REDDOXX Appliance


E-mail encryption without certificates, works with any e-mail address


Our Cloud VPN is set up in 5 minutes and can be used by everyone

REDDOXX Appliance

With far more than 3,500 installations in Germany REDDOXX is one of the leading manufacturers for e-mail archiving, spam and virus protection as well as e-mail encryption. REDDOXX is the legally compliant complete solution for all companies who want to take care of security!

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Switch bonus: Now save up to 36% on switching!

From now on the changeover to the email archiving, spam protection or email encryption of REDDOXX is even more profitable. Within the scope of our switching bonus campaign we reward “switchers” with two additional, free years of software subscription.

  • Are you currently dissatisfied with your solution or support?
  • You want to use a virtual environment instead of relying on your local hardware?
  • Switch from your existing solution to REDDOXX and we will reward you!

With the switch bonus, you do not only profit financially but with REDDOXX you also receive mature solutions oriented to the legal requirements, which have already proven themselves in practice in more than 3,500 installations in Germany.

REDDCRYPT – Email encryption for everyone

Too complicated, too complicated, not operable – there are many reasons why neither S/MIME nor PGP is used. To make matters worse, private individuals in particular are inexperienced in handling certificates and may not understand the technology behind them.

REDDCRYPT removes exactly these hurdles, takes over the certificate management fully automated in the background and enables email encryption for everyone – even if the recipient has not used REDDCRYPT before.

In the future, sender and recipient no longer need to understand “how it works with the certificates”. Thanks to Outlook Plugin, Windows App, Smartphone App and Webmailer, REDDCRYPT is so simple that really everyone can use it.

  • REDDCRYPT Prices

    Email encryption for everyone

    With REDDCRYPT Free email encryption via a convenient web app is possible for everyone - independent of the mail server and email address - and of course also works with all freemailers like Gmail and others.

    0,00 €

    REDDCRYPT Personal

    The personal licence is a single licence with which you can use all available REDDCRYPT Apps. Besides the Web App, these are the Outlook Plugin, the Windows App and the Smartphone Apps for iOS and Android.

    2,00 € / month

    REDDCRYPT Business

    The business license is for companies and includes, among other things, a central user administration and a customized transport mail. In addition, thanks to the Master Key, emails of retired employees can be accessed.

    3,50 € / month

SimplexGate Cloud VPN

It’s never been easier to access internal applications from anywhere in the world, whether you want to give access to email, CRM or enterprise resource planning. Access rights and 2-factor authentication make it easy and secure at the same time.

You do not need extensive IT security know-how or a special infrastructure. The setup is completed after only 5 minutes and your employees can securely access the applications from different end devices.

  • Your personal SimplexGate

    Cloud VPN made in Germany
  • Allows 5 users to access a web service in your network.
  • If the number of users from the starter package is not sufficient, you can add more users.
  • You need a Web service for each application that is to be accessed externally.
    Price: 6,00 €
  • To access the application, you must first enter a numerical code that changes every 30 seconds
    Price: 12,00 €
  • 0,00 €
    Price net plus VAT.
    Action: With annual payment you save 2 months!

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