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Pricing examples

Available for any company size and number of users

E-Mail Archivierung

E-Mail Archiving


more about MailDepot ›

Number of UsersE-Mail Archiving
(incl. 12 months subscription)
E-Mail Archiving
(incl. 36 months subscription)
E-Mail Archiving and Anti-Spam
(incl. 36 months subscription)
Annual renewal of subscription after expiration
(12 months)
10starts from 1.330,00€ *starts from 1.770,00€ *starts from 1.870,00€ *340,00€
50starts from 1.930,00€ *starts from 2.370,00€ *starts from 2.570,00€ *340,00€
100starts from 3.590,00€ *starts from 4.580,00€ *starts from 5.580,00€ *700,00€
100015.940,00€ *19.380,00€ *20.280,00€ *2.450,00€
500036.960,00€ *49.690,00€ *53.430,00€ *5.900,00€
*one-time fee

REDDOXX Spamfinder - Spam und Virenschutz

Spam and Virus Protection

REDDOXX Spamfinder

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Number of UsersAnti-Spam
(incl. 12 months subscription)
(incl. 36 months subscription)
Anti-Spam and E-Mail Archiving
(incl. 36 months subscription)
Annual renewal of subscription after expiration
(12 months)
10930,00€ *1.370,00€ *starts from 1.870,00€ *340,00€
501.030,00€ *1.470,00€ *starts from 2.310,00€ *340,00€
1002.490,00€ *3.480,00€ *starts from 4.960,00€ *700,00€
10008.440,00€ *11.880,00€ *20.280,00€ *2.450,00€
500025.690,00€ *35.690,00€ *53.430,00€ *5.900,00€
*one-time fee

E-mail Encryption

REDDOXX MailSealer

more about MailSealer ›

Number of UsersEncryption
(incl. 12 months subscription)
(incl. 36 months subscription)
Encryption and E-Mail Archiving
(incl. 36 months subscription)
Annual renewal of subscription after expiration
(12 months)
101.330,00€ *1.770,00€ *starts from 2.270,00€ *340,00€
501.930,00€ *2.370,00€ *starts from 3.030,00€ *340,00€
1003.090,00€ *4.080,00€ *starts from 5.440,00€ *700,00€
10009.140,00€ *12.580,00€ *20.480,00€ *2.450,00€
500025.690,00€ *35.690,00€ *53.430,00€ *5.900,00€
*one-time fee

Access Management

REDDOXX SimplexGate

more about SimplexGate ›

 MonthlyAnnual (save 2 months)
Basic Package
(1 Gateway, 1 Web Service, 5 Users)
20,00€240,00€ 200,00€
Additional Web Services6,00€72,00€ 60,00€
2-Factor Authentication6,00€72,00€ 60,00€
Additional User PackagesGraduated Prices, see configuratorGraduated Prices, see configurator

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New bonus program

New switch bonus program: Save up to 36 % if you switch now!

Right now it is even more rewarding to switch your e-mail archiving, spam protection and e-mail encryption to REDDOXX. Our switch bonus promotion rewards those who switch with two additional years of free use of our software subscription.*

Simply switch from your current archiving, anti-spam or e-mail encryption system to REDDOXX MailDepot, Spamfinder or MailSealer and acquire a one-year subscription license. We will add two full complimentary years of updates and upgrades, which will yield savings of 36 percent compared to our regular list prices! Seize your three-year-package at these very special terms today!

Also available: Switch bonus for virtual appliances

This special promotion is currently available at all REDDOXX specialty retail partners (Are you looking for a REDDOXX partner? We will be glad to assist you). We will grant the switch bonus, which applies to all unlimited licenses, when you purchase virtual solutions.

You will not only save money thanks to the switch bonus – you will also receive an established solution from REDDOXX with a proven track record that is based on the stipulations imposed by applicable and has already been successfully used by more than 2,600 users in Germany.

*Terms and Conditions for the Switch Bonus

  • User has to purchase a one-year-subscription to get two complimentary years as an add-on
  • Products must be exclusively purchased through specialty retailers
  • The switch bonus promotion applies only to unlimited licenses
  • For MailDepot, Spamfinder and MailSealer
  • The current solution still has to be subscribed to a valid and active service agreement
  • The respective destruction declaration has to be completed
  • No further discounts will be granted
  • These terms also apply to non-profit pricing

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