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Your e-mail archiving and information management experts.

Boasting more than 3,000 installations in Germany, REDDOXX is one of the leading manufacturers of IT solutions affiliated with e-mail communications. Our customer roster includes numerous renowned enterprises, corporations and public entities.

The focus of everything we do is on the satisfaction of our customers. This approach motivates our staff and me every day to do our very best.

Andreas Dannenberg
Founder & President

The drivers behind REDDOXX: Technology and innovation

As a specialized manufacturer that does business around the world, we have been focusing exclusively on data and information management in the field of e-mail communications for many years. Our modular solutions do not just cover some specific segments, such as anti-spam filtering, archiving or digital encryption, but support the entire e-mail life cycle of your company sustainably (lifecycle management):

We offer all services – from the secure sending and receipt of electronic messages to the subsequent long-term storage of the former for years to come. With our innovative access management you gain secure access to local resources in your intranet from anywhere in the world. REDDOXX GmbH is an independent, owner managed enterprise. We develop and continuously update our situations at our headquarters in Germany. Our global, indirect sales network comprised of carefully chosen resellers, system providers and distributors ensures high levels of availability and provides our customers with strong support resources.

The following aspects are our top priorities:

  • Efficient e-mail management
  • Provision of optimum support for all relevant processes
  • Complete implementation of the legal mandates
  • Support of all commonly used e-mail servers and storage technologies
  • Perfectly aligned solutions for different company sizes and market segments

Vision and Brand

Innovation, Added Value and Sustainability

REDDOXX is a leading provider of solutions for e-mail archiving; encrypted, digitally signed sending of e-mails as well as the dependable defense against unsolicited SPAM messages.

Our fundamental principles: Neutrality, autonomy and flexibility.

We do not create artificial user mandates and dependencies, for instance those resulting from the use of proprietary systems and formats. Instead, we convince our customers – time and again – with our performance capabilities and the continuous advancement of our solutions.

In cooperation with our sales and distribution partners, we bet on fair partnerships based on mutual respect and appreciation. We support active specialty and system distributors and assist them with the implementation of their projects in any way we can.

More about our vision and brand

Innovation, Added Value and Sustainability 

Technological innovation is at the heart of our mission: With our team of competent, quality conscious employees we aim to offer the best possible products at all times based on our user’s concrete specifications. Based on stringent standards and perfectly aligned in-house processes, we constantly reach for higher levels of development: This applies to our staff and our products. We are in constant pursuit of one objective: continuous improvement.

We also approach the selection of suppliers and cooperative partners with care. We work with them on a long-term basis. After all, our focus is not on the generation of fast sales success – lasting customer satisfaction is priority one at our company and all of our business activities aim at this objective.

Consequently, we develop solutions that help our customers

  • Manage their e-mail communications securely, expeditiously and in compliance with the law.
  • Generate added value for their business operations and facilitate their processes.
  • Save money through the expedient use of IT and safeguard their investments in the long-term.


The name “REDDOXX,” which was originally conceived as a fantasy term based on the pronunciation of the words “Red Dogs,” was inspired by the fact that our company was initially domiciled in Rottweil, Germany. This is also evident in our company logo. Just like the dog breed – the Rottweiler – stands out as a watchdog thanks to its imposing appearance and assertive behavior, our solutions ensure the reliable protection of our customers’ e-mail communications through powerful technology.

Klaus-Georg Dahmer


Complementary solutions for your company

REDDOXX has entered into technology partnership with a variety of manufacturers to be able to offer optimum and complementary solutions. Browse through the list of our technology partners:

Wegener IT GmbH & Co. KG’s WIT.Archiver is the interface between the REDDOXX MailDepot and Lotus Notes.

WIT.Archiver enables users to retroactively archive already existing e-mails and transfers them to the REDDOXX MailDepot.

For more details and procurement information, click here:

Itacom GmbH’s SMTP Journalconnector is the interface between the REDDOXX MailDepot and Tobit David.

The connector makes it possible to continuously archive all in-house e-mails and transfers them to the REDDOXX MailDepot.

Moreover, the E-mail and Fax Importer enables users to transfer already existing e-mails to the archive.
For more details and procurement information, click here:

SMTP-Journalconnector and E-mail Importer.

The GroupWise-Archive-Connector for REDDOXX provides the interface between Novell GroupWise and the REDDOXX MailDepot.
The Archive Connector allows users to retroactively archive already existing e-mails as well as to continuously archive all in-house e-mails. It transfers them to the REDDOXX MailDepot.
The GroupWise Connector supports versions GroupWise 7.0 SP3 and newer, GroupWise 8 and GroupWise 2012.
For more details and procurement information, click here:


Server-Eye is a German IT Monitoring Software, which will keep you abreast of all trends and tendencies of both, your and your customer’s systems, which will make your work significantly easier. One hundred percent of Server-Eye’s operation and development is based in Germany. The company does not have any third party investors.

You will receive information in real time via e-mail, SMS or push notifications. In most cases, this pro-active monitoring makes it possible to eliminate errors before they der turn into problems, so that you will be able to offer your customers added service value.

Server-Eye allows you to monitor …

… Any number of IT infrastructure components on one user interface, regardless of whether you want to keep an eye on hardware, software, network or communication device activities.

Dedicated sensors have been developed specifically for the REDDOXX Appliance. To learn more, please click here:

agorum® Software GmbH is a German provider of document and enterprise content management systems (DMS/ECM).

In partnership with this company we have developed an interface with the objective of providing an integral, all-inclusive solution for e-mail archiving in compliance with applicable laws and an uncomplicated management tool that also provides the best possible organization tool for all enterprise relevant documents.

The agorum® core interface combined with the REDDOXX solutions Spamfinder and MailDepot save all business relevant electronic messages securely and in compliance with applicable laws. The system allocates e-mails that are forwarded to agorum® core fully automatically to the desired transactions.

For more detailed information on the interface and agorum,® please click here:

TANSS is the service management solution for IT service providers.
Not only does TANSS allow you to provide the necessary level of transparency vis-à-vis your clientele, it will also increase the productivity of your service technicians and improve your quality of service.

Thanks to your cooperation with and the integration of REDDOXX, you will be able to access all e-mails related to your clients and contacts in just seconds from TANSS.

For more information on TANSS please visit: http://www.tanss.de, and access the interface documentation here: https://my.reddoxx.com/doc/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=6193297.