The REDDOXX Product Family at a Glance

Software solutions for statute compliant e-mail archiving and secure access management

Boasting more than 3,000 installations in Germany, REDDOXX is one of the leading manufacturers of e-mail archiving, spam and virus protection as well as e-mail encryption solutions. REDDOXX is the provenn complete solution package for all companies that aim for absolutely reliable security! The new, easy and secure access management solution, SimplexGate, complements REDDOXX’ portfolio.

E-Mail Archivierung

E-mail Archiving

REDDOXX Maildepot

The time consuming sorting and organizing is now redundant: The powerful, full text indexed system searches your e-mail archive in seconds along with all text oriented attachments.

  • E-mail archiving in compliance with applicable law
  • Revision proof storage of all e-mails
  • Simplest possible usability
  • Proven long-term archiving
  • Compliance product
  • Integrated virus protection
REDDOXX Spamfinder - Spam und Virenschutz

Spam and Virus Protection

REDDOXX SpamFinder

Best defense methods: Black and white listing, advanced RBL, automatic checks of sender and recipient addresses, syntaxed spam recognition and many others.

  • Integrated virus protection
  • Integration into Microsoft® Outlook
  • Web browser access and smartphone
  • Compatible with any mail server
  • SMTP and POP3 capable
  • 100% spam free thanks to a patented CISS process
E-Mail Encryption

E-mail encryption

REDDOXX MailSealer

The security solution for your e-mail correspondence: Outbound e-mails are signed and encrypted; inbound e-mails are verified and decoded.

  • Signature & e-mail encryption gateway
  • REDDOXX-Passphrase (MailSealer Light)
  • Central policy, can be flexibly defined
  • Integrated virus protection
  • Supports established encryption standards

Access management

REDDOXX SimplexGate

It has never been this easy to access in-house applications from anywhere in the world – regardless of whether you want to permit access to e-mails, the CRM, the accounting system or your merchandise management system.

  • setup and access within 5 minutes
  • additional security through 2-factor-authentication
  • immediate and automated VPN and SSL/TLS encryption
  • always have the latest certificates

Three-in-one Simplicity – the REDDOXX Suite

Archiving, anti-spam and encryption – all in a single solution

Boasting thousands of successful implementations, this is the established complete solution for businesses that want it all.
For 5 ‑ 50,000 e-mail accounts – if you want an absolutely secure solution!

  • Optimized backup and recovery
  • Retroactive e-mail archiving
  • Improved e-mail management and more centralized corporate knowledge

Switzerland’s Matterhorn Gotthard Railway System uses REDDOXX e-mail archiving solutions.

As the “Alpine Adventure Train System,” the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway System (MGB) serves 44 stations along a 144-km-route. One of its most popular trains is the Glacier Express. To find out all of the details about this REDDOXX application, please check out our case studies.

We make e-mail archiving more legally secure  than any other provider.

Since 2003 the REDDOXX GmbH is an independent, owner managed enterprise. We develop and continuously update our solutions at our headquarters in Germany. A global, indirect sales network comprised of carefully chosen resellers, system providers and distributors ensures high levels of availability and strong support resources.

Go ahead and test REDDOXX E-mail-archiving first hand!

Spend just a few minutes to experience the look & feel of the user interface and test the choice of functions. As soon as you have completed the brief registration process, you will receive your access data and will be able to use the system right away.